November 02, 2010

Best in show: Lighting + Support

The editorial teams of TVB Europe and the IBC Daily highlight the best new products at IBC every year, in every hall and every category. These are all written up (by me) for the October issue (downloadable in full as PDFs or readable online by clicking the top right of the TVB home page).

You can also view the full list of winners for Lighting and Support products, with more information on each product, but here is that list in brief.


Dedo Weigert Film – Dedolight Ledzilla upgrade - the small, flexible on-camera light can now do a lot more (Dedo Weigert pictured top holding the Ledzilla with new Chinese Lantern accessory).

F&V/Dedo Weigert Film – Z.96/TechPro Fillini Click - on-camera light jointly developed by a Chinese manufacturer and the Dedolight maker, each adding practical innovations, such as the ability to click up to four lights together to make a big LED panel.

Gekkokezia - hard-source lights are based on Gekko's kleer colour tunable LED light engine - as used by Sky News. 

LitepanelsSola - LED Fresnel lights use about a tenth of the power of traditional fixtures, with on-camera and stand-alone versions (pictured right).

Photon BeardWi-Light - low-cost wireless control for studio lighting, using WiFi.

VidessenceExceLED - LED key lights available in 25W, 50W and 100W fixtures.


Bradley EngineeringSkytrac HD - cablecam designed to look good in shot, be weather proof and very safe for use above crowds. Fitted with Bradley's new Gyro 350 five-axis stabilised gimbal.

Element Technica Neutron and Pulsar - compact and mid-size 3D rigs.

VintenVector 430 - fluid head with a very wide payload capacity (10kg to 43kg).

VintenVector 750i - Vinten's first encoded pantographic head, for virtual and augmented reality applications for outside broadcast or studio use (pictured left).

By David Fox

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