October 25, 2010

Jib is smooth operator for DSLRs

ABC Products' upcoming DSLR Light-Jib is a very lightweight and compact Jib-arm designed for DSLR cameras.

It uses carbon fibre tubes to keep the weight down (3.9kg) and packs small for portability. It is also claimed to offer an "extremely short assembly time of only a few seconds" and uses a QuickPin system to allow a rapid change of location and camera angle.

It offers a boom length of 1.52m and can carry cameras and accessories weighing up to 4.5kg (making it suitable for many compact camcorders too).

In use, it has a parallelogram bar that can be continuously changed allowing for an automatic tilt as well as precise adjustment of the tilt head angle. It also has a "special swivel system that enables the Light-Jib to glide avoiding any disturbing swinging when it is stopped."

It includes a built-in level, quick release and built-in brakes (horizontal and vertical), and will be available in December for about €1,190.

By David Fox

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