February 10, 2011

ABC's new DSLR Light-Jib ships

ABC Products' new DSLR Light-Jib is a lightweight and compact jib arm designed for DSLR cameras and small camcorders. Represented by Ianiro UK, the Light-Jib will be available from resellers from mid-February.

It can carry cameras and accessories weighing up to 4.5kg making it equally well suited to compact DSLRs and camcorders, such as the Canon XF105 and XF305, Panasonic HMC-151 and HMC-41 or the Sony NXCAM range.

Its weighs 3.9kg thanks to carbon fibre tubes, and packs small for portability in three parts - assembly time is claimed to be less than a minute. It is also fast and flexible in use thanks to its QuickPin system that allows a rapid change of location and camera angle. Its boom length is 1.52m.

In use, it has a parallelogram bar that can be continuously changed allowing for automatic tilt as well as precise adjustment of the tilt head angle. It also has a special swivel system that enables the jib to move smoothly throughout its range.

"The Light-Jib is a highly adaptable piece of equipment. It's a great multi-purpose tool. It's flexible for use with DSLRs and camcorders, fast enough to be set-up without missing a shot and light enough to transport anywhere," said Nick Allen-Miles, MD of Ianiro UK.

The kit includes a built-in level, quick release and built-in brakes (horizontal and vertical).

By David Fox

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