May 22, 2011

Steadicam Smoothee steadies iPhone

Steadicam is the company that made possible all those smooth, flowing shots you see in movies or captured by the fittest people in the stadium for most of those cameras used to run the touchline for sports coverage. Now, if you shoot video on an iPhone or other mobile, you can also use Steadicam technology with the new Steadicam Smoothee.

We wrote about it back in February 2010, after seeing a demonstration of the prototype version at BVE (and we shot the video below with and about it, with the help of Robin Thwaites, International Director of Sales, Tiffen/Steadicam). It was expected to arrive a little more quickly than it has, but it is now available in the UK and throughout Europe (prices seem to range from about £130-170).

It will allow you to capture video or still images without the shakes you normally see when you take hand-held video on something as small and light as an iPhone (usually, the smaller and lighter something is the more likely it is to suffer from camera shake).

The Smoothee is pretty small itself (at 20.3x36.8x6.4cm) and is designed initially to be used with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and Flip Mino HD. More mounts for similar devices are in the pipeline.

You can instantly swap the camera mounts between the Smoothee and any tripod thanks to its patented quick-release removable mount, which can also double as a tabletop stand.

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