August 28, 2011

Canon 20x HD ENG zoom lens

The new KJ20x8.2B IRSD HD lens is the latest in Canon's HDgc series of portable HD zoom lenses, designed to be affordable for both broadcast ENG use and freelance camera owners.

It has a built-in 2x extender, a feature usually seen on higher-end HD lenses, giving a generous range of focal lengths, from 8.2mm-164mm to 16.4mm-328mm. It also boasts an enhanced macro function that effectively reduces the minimum object distance (from the front of the lens) to just 10mm.

Although it is less expensive, the KJ20x8.2B uses the same optical materials and coatings, and dispersion glass, as Canon's flagship HDxs series lenses.

The lens is claimed to have minimised axial and lateral chromatic aberrations, coma aberrations and geometric distortion. The new materials and multi-layer coatings reduce ghosting, flare and glare.

It benefits from the latest improvements in Canon’s Advanced Drive Unit technology. This includes Shuttle Shot, which allows users to rapidly zoom back and forth between any two positions. Users set specific zoom positions with a Memo push switch, which enables more reliable Shuttle Shot set-up in the field.

The zoom can travel end-to-end in just one second, an improvement from previous models, but new, faster noise suppression on the servomotor in the Advanced Drive Unit should ensure quiet operation.

The new ADU has also been ergonomically redesigned with a ribbed surface on the bottom of the Drive Unit for a firmer grip and better control. A new grip support allows users to securely grasp the ADU without inadvertently pressing the VTR or Shuttle Shot buttons.

By David Fox

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