August 04, 2011

Teletest's 'affordable' 3D Binorig

Teletest’s new Binorig is claimed to be "the world’s most affordable, fully motorised broadcast S3D camera rig," as it will cost under £10,000.

Designed for use with cameras such as Sony’s HDC-P1 or PMW-EX3 and the Red One, Teletest managing director, Nick Rose (pictured), claims that the Binorig is as good as rigs that cost four or five times as much. Its first batch of ten Binorigs has already sold out, with a second batch expected in October.

“The production of S3D content has been stifled due to the prohibitive cost and complexity of S3D camera rigs," he said.

There is also a remote control unit for the Binorig that costs just £1,000 (where rival units can costs £10,000 or more).

“Teletest has spent over two years and hundreds of thousands of pounds developing the affordable and easy to use Binorig which produces stunning results. We designed a complete package, contained in two easy to manage flight cases, for stereographers or for cameramen with little experience in shooting S3D.”

Cameras are mounted onto Teletest’s Teleplates, which in turn can be rapidly mounted onto the rig using the quick release system.

“Using Teletest’s new S3D LCD monitor, the Cyclops-HD, setting up the Binorig takes only a few minutes," he added.

At 1,500nits, the Cyclops-HD is claimed to be "the world’s brightest broadcast LCD" (it is pictured above on the Binorig). The S3D version, at £1,999, allows the input of two cameras on a mirror or side-by-side rig. The 3D card has been newly upgraded with extra functions added to meet requests from the monitor's first users.

S3D set up can be quickly done using the grey difference screen and then the S3D image can be viewed with anaglyph glasses.

“With the introduction of the Binorig and Cyclops-HD, we expect that cameramen and production companies will now be able to offer broadcasters such as Sky and the Discovery channel far more footage than they could previously," said Rose.

By David Fox

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