August 28, 2011

Canon FK30-300 + FK14.5-60 lenses

Canon has two new precision-matched wide angle and telephoto cine zoom lenses that are based on a new optical design platform and should be suitable for anything up to 4K production.

The FK14.5-60mm wide-angle cine zoom and the FK30-300mm telephoto cine zoom incorporate breakthrough Canon optical designs claimed to optimise and enhance multiple imaging qualities while minimising optical aberrations and distortions.

The lenses are supposedly more compact and lightweight than rival PL-mount lenses and feature a new optical design that virtually eliminates focus breathing. By meeting the emerging 4K production image format standards, both lenses should ensure high performance at 2K and HD.

The lenses are engraved with large, easily visible zoom, iris and focus scales for film-style operation. Both have a common 136mm front diameter for optical accessories. The location, diameter, and rotation angle of the lens gears are also identical, which makes it easier to change lenses on set.

The wide-angle FK14.5-60 maintains its T2.6 maximum aperture over its entire focal range. The lens preserves a high modulation transfer function wide-open, with well-controlled light distribution across the image plane, and reduced ghosting and glare from strong light sources.

Both lenses allow precision back-focus adjustments to make lens/camera set-up quicker and easier, useful for multi-camera productions. They also boast "superb control over geometric distortion," to prevent visible anomalies when shooting at extreme wide angles on large sets with extended straight edges.

By David Fox

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