August 26, 2011

Fujinon matched 3D lenses + controls

Fujinon has developed a new HD motor drive lens, synchronisation unit, and wireless controller for 3D and robotics.

The XA4x7.5BMD-D3R/L motor drive HD zoom lens comes in right and left lens versions. It has a F2.8 maximum aperture over its 7.5mm to 30mm focal length. Minimum focus distance is 450mm.

"For the size/weight these are unique to Fujinon," said Paul Goodwin, Divisional Head Broadcast & CCTV Products Division, Pyser-SGI (Fujinon distributor for the UK and Ireland). The 2/3-inch lenses feature "high precision optical systems supplied in matched lens pairs for correct 3D image rendition." The compact size and weight (450g) is useful for 3D rigs in tight spaces, on jibs or for handheld/Steadicam use.

It has precision servos with anti-backlash systems, which offer "high precision synchronous control over lens pairs using just one set of pan bar controls or RS232C serial (robotic) control, both of which are via the Fujinon 3D Synchronisation Unit HJ-303A-08A. Thus when zooming/focusing both lenses move in precisely the same way to the same optical positions. 16-bit encoder outputs are provided from the synchronisation unit for feedback to 3D positioning control and tracking systems," he explained.

The controller makes rigging much simpler. "The lens control system is easy to set-up, essentially plug-and-use, with no adjustments required (apart from back focus). Therefore no lens tracking checks need be made specifically for control software to ensure correct stereoscopy at different lens focal lengths and focus positions."

The 3D lenses can be remote controlled using Fujinon’s new WL-325A wireless controller, which works up to about 100m, "permitting one set of pan bar controls to be used for rigs on jibs or in remote locations. This device can be used with any Fujinon Digi Power HD/SD lens or for 3D stereoscopic rigs using a matched pair of lenses."

By David Fox

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