July 20, 2010

3D rigs provide Alterna-tive views

MagiCine has introduced two new stereoscopic 3D camera rigs: the Alterna GV-4 beamsplitter; and the Alterna GV-25 Parallel rig.

The GV-4 provides an inter-axial translation from zero to 10cm and a maximum available convergence of five degrees, which is ideal for capturing stereo images under 4.5 metres.

"The GV-4 (pictured left) represents the accumulation of four generations of designs that have been used in feature production. Its simple and unique camera alignment system assures the most accurate stereo images for minimal post rework. Its simplicity and ruggedness of design allows quick setup and movement between shots saving the production money," claimed John Harvey, MagiCine's President.

The inter-ocular distance and convergence can be adjusted manually or motorised, and the rig should work with any cameras. The mirror box is removable and can rotate 180 degrees for low mode. The open frame design allows for easy access to lens drive-gearing setup. It weighs 14kg without drive motors, and costs $47,000 complete (or $43,500 for a basic setup).

The GV-25 Parallel rig (pictured top) provides an inter-axial travel of 15cm to 62.5cm and a maximum available convergence of twenty degrees, for capturing stereo beyond 4.5m. It weighs just over 10kg and costs $27,000 complete.

MagiCine's previous 3D rigs have been used on productions such as Call of the Wild 3D and Julia X. Based in California, it doesn't have any European dealers yet, but Harvey is looking to establish suitable relationships.

By David Fox

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