July 20, 2010

Tuff talk for Soom tripod users

Tuffpak has designed a new case for Sachtler's Soom tripods. "Travelling with the original Sachtler bag has the disadvantage of always having to dismount the Soom tube when wrapping up while the Tuffpak can accommodate the Soom as is," explained Florian Granderath, of Camera Support Granderath, the European Tuffpak importer,

There is also a Tuffpak now for transporting Sachtler's castor Dolly S, which perfectly fits into the Tuffpak #236600.

Also new are locks for the most popular Tuffpak cases for two stage 100mm and 150mm legs with fluid head. For European news crews, the Californian manufacturer now has wheeled tripod cases that handle all popular two-stage 100mm tripods with a fluid head. Tuffpak's octagonal shape, thick walls and recessed integrated handles make them suitable for air transportation of tripods, mic or lighting stands.

By David Fox

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