July 03, 2010

Lowel increases light speed for Europe

Lowel-Light, now part of Tiffen International, has improved its delivery times to European customers, thanks to new warehousing and distribution systems offering next-day delivery and local currency payment.

The warehousing has been located at BBP Light in Amsterdam to take advantage of the city’s fast transport connections throughout Europe. "Now that European customers can order duty-paid goods in their own time zone, pay in their own currency and get next-day delivery we hope our Lowel lights will be as successful here as they have been in the USA," said Kevan Parker, Tiffen's European Sales Manager.

Its portable lighting includes: the versatile Blender LED fixture (pictured) that mixes daylight and tungsten to match ambient lighting; Softcore, which brings soft, high colour rendering index (CRI) daylight fluorescent to most softboxes; and the Trio three-lamp fluorescent for studio quality daylight or tungsten lighting. We have a Lowel Rifa light as part of our lighting kit, which is a very nice soft light that collapses like an umbrella into a tiny package for carrying.

By David Fox

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