July 20, 2010

Select few filters make Image Maker

Tiffen's new Image Maker series of professional filter kits offers a selection of filters for use in different shooting scenarios. The five sets of optical filters have been selected to enhance the results for particular shooting conditions and requirements.

Each kit includes three 4x4-inch filters using Tiffen’s ColorCore technology to provide a range of effects and densities that can add production value to the resulting footage. The filters have been selected for specific applications, offering filters used to control light – typically in exterior shoots – as well as those used to for aesthetic creation of mood that cannot be achieved with lighting alone. The filters are intended for use with professional video cameras including HD DSLRs.

"Professional stills photographers and movie cameramen have always used optical filters, whereas in video, they tend to be used for just technical corrections, such as UVs, IRs and NDs. But then, faced with a range of over 2,000 filters, many videographers don’t know where to begin. The Image Makers kits addresses that dilemma by provide a logical starting point – and at a reduced price, with filters that will, at least, be very useful and may encourage more creative ideas," explained Carey Duffy, Technical Director (Filters), Tiffen International (pictured).

The Image Maker Fundamental Kit contains an UltraPol Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density 0.9 and Pro-Mist 1/4, and is ideal for outdoor applications.

The Contrast Kit has a Soft Contrast 2, Ultra Contrast 1, and Low Contrast ½, and is aimed at for controlling contrast in bright sunlit exteriors, while capturing lost detail in shadow areas.

The People Kit includes the Nude FX 1, Nude FX 3, and 812 Warming Filter, and is designed for portrait work, offering enhancing filters that provide flexibility and control when shooting skin tones.

The Grad Kit contains a Clear/Cool Blue 2 Soft Edge, Clear/Straw 2 Soft Edge, and Color-Grad ND0.9 Soft Edge. These half-colour, half-clear filters add colour selectively with a graduated density transition for smooth blending into the scene.

The Diffusion Kit contains a Black Pro-Mist 1/4, Gold Diffusion FX 1/2, and Glimmer Glass 1, and is suitable for people shots, with each filter creating a diffused image that does not look as if it has been shot through a filter.

The filters are supplied complete with a padded pouch with a belt loop.

By David Fox

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