July 03, 2010

PAG offers support for DSLRs

The PAG Orbitor was originally designed for use with handheld camcorders, but it is now also available for HD DSLRs.

The Orbitor’s shoulder assembly has a counterbalance weight to offset the weight of the camera and accessories. The weight of the entire assembly is supported from underneath by a sprung telescopic suspension rod that slots into a waist belt. The rod absorbs any bounce created by walking, reducing camera shake.

The shoulder assembly is secured to the waist belt using two shoulder straps, to prevent movement of the rig during use. The system is simple to set-up and adjustable for differently shaped users.

It has a quick-release camera mounting plate, compatible with Manfrotto tripods, for quick interchange between supports, or for switching from DSLR to a camcorder.

The Orbitor accommodates such camera accessories as a follow focus system, a monitor and an audio recorder, and costs £425.

By David Fox

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