August 18, 2010

Camera protection after a fashion

The new Golla Cam Bags are more fashion oriented than most camera bags. They are available in three sizes, but in many different colours and designs, and are claimed to be "fashionable, protective and practical" - and it's nice to see that they have depicted a typical working environment in the photo that came with the press release....

The Golla Cam Bag S is designed for smaller DSLR camera or camcorders with minimal bulk. Features include: magnetic and drawstring closing as well as a Velcro fastener, styled to give "abundant protection, but easy and quick access to the camera".

The Golla Cam Bag M has heavily-coated cover material, magnets to close the front flap, and an extra strap on the outside to secure closing; plus zipped pockets for accessories and two detachable inside walls.

The Golla Cam Bag L is the largest model, with flexible storage space for camera and lenses, small lights, memory cards and accessories.

By David Fox

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