August 18, 2010

MSE gets to grips with car mounts

Matthews Studio Equipment's new car mount is designed as "a strong, safe, reliable and versatile system" for mounting cameras to cars, trucks, boats, trains or even low flying airplanes.

The MSE Car Mount System integrates MICROgrip technology with the recently introduced MSE family of Ball Heads.

The PRO-Mount version can carry up to 12kg using the Matthews BH-20 Ball Heads, a series of three suction cups and MICROgrip heads and rods.

The MASTER-Mount version handles up to 18kg and is based on the Matthews BH-30 Ball Head mounted on a 25cm suction cup and two 15cm suction cups, integrated with the MICROgrip supporting components.

Both systems come with an instructional video and suggestions for camera placement. MSE also offers camera risers in both 7.5cm and 15cm lengths to offer a maximum of 22.5cm further extension of the camera from the mounting.

By David Fox

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