August 04, 2010

DSLR accessories and carbon design

German accessory maker, Chrosziel has extended its HD DSLR support range and introduced a new carbon design for impact-resistant housings.

The Canon EOS 7D DSLR can be modified to take PL-mount lenses, so Chrosziel has designed a new €339 LightWeight Support (401-425). It has a thread insert for the camera’s 3/8-inch thread, and the Chrosziel Mini Wedge Plate (401-140) secures the Support onto the Chrosziel Bridgeplate with QuickLock or onto an ARRI DigiCine Baseplate. This system allows for both 15mm and 19mm support rods and comes with 15mm rods that slide under the camera. It is based on Chrosziel’s 401-400 series, which can be upgraded for €92

For cameras with large bodies, there is the new LightWeight Support 401-93, which will accommodate the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 5D Mark II with battery grip, or Nikon D3s. It costs €299.

DSLR telephoto lenses often come with their own tripod mount and thus support the camera. Chrosziel’s new, extremely low lens support (401-34) utilizes this mount and supports the lens for rod/mount distances between 4mm and 11mm. A 1/4-inch screw locks the mount to the support from inside. It costs €322.

Chrosziel's existing lens support, Photo Universal (401-33), now comes with a modified elevating screw. One end is covered by a plastic cap as before; the other is equipped with a 5mm adapter that can engage the tripod mount thread by turning the screw (or the whole Support). This provides relief for the camera’s lens mount and prevents the lens from moving laterally, especially for lenses with mechanical end stops.

Most of Chrosziel's MatteBoxes and SunShades are now available with impact-resistant polystyrene housing in the new Carbon Design. The high-volume models such as MatteBox 450 (pictured right) for 1/3-inch chip cameras and SunShade 412 for 2/3-inch cameras, as well as MatteBox 415, are now only available in Carbon Design. Prices are unchanged.

By David Fox

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