August 23, 2010

DSLRs rigged for video Gadget show

VFGadgets has unveiled new rigs for Pro Video DSLR users: the rod-based DSLR Handheld Video System and the DSLR SwissCage Kit.

The DSLR Handheld Video System (pictured top) "is designed for flexibility, longevity and durability" and uses standard 15mm rods, making it easy to configure and accessorize. Its core is the DSLR Camera mount, loaded with a variety of threads for mounting stuff. It fastens to the 15mm Rod adaptor with VCT-14 base (compatible with the EX3 Baseplate system as well). It can also be fitted with a quick-release Camera Plate. The addition of shoulder mount and handles gives an adjustable, lightweight grip system.

The moulded grip handles have two axis adjustments and can be individually moved along the rod for maximum comfort. An Articulating Arm Handle is optional to convert a Noga Cine Arm to a flexible grip that works as a carry handle. You can add any handle that mounts to 15mm rods.

The aluminium DSLR Shoulder Mount fits any 15mm rod and can be configured for right or left shoulder or rifle-style. A basic rig would cost from about $1,000.

The DSLR SwissCage Kit (pictured right) boasts: "rock-solid gripology to mount the camera anywhere, and mount anything to the camera". It allows a camera to be securely mounted between both the standard bottom thread and the top hot-shoe. Together with the integrated lens support, the whole camera configuration is firmly supported.

It allows the camera and accessories to be mounted in almost any configuration, and has been designed to allow access to all active sections of the camera without having to remove the camera from the cage to install media or replace batteries. The top plate is adjustable in the vertical to allow for cameras that are not as tall as the Canon 5D Mark II like Nikon's new D3100. Kits will cost from about $560.

By David Fox

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