August 23, 2010

Thelight articulates case for LEDs

The new range of high-powered LED lights from Thelight uses articulated panels that "mark a turning point in professional LED lighting". They offer "extremely high output and low power consumption" and are claimed to provide  "a real alternative to any fluorescent or softlight and outshine any other LED fixtures."

The 150W 6Light (pictured above) and 200W 4Long (pictured right) models are composed of aluminium rods that hold triplets of high-powered LEDs with Fresnel lenses and are electronically controlled to emit high quality light with a high index of colour reproduction specifically calibrated for broadcast use. A remote control allows adjustment of colour temperature and dimming without colour deviation.

The remote control's display (below left) shows dimmer and colour temperature values and the software allows fine tuning of colour temperature in steps of 100K and dimming by calibrated increments of 1/2 a stop each. For added versatility the control unit has a switch to divert the light to green or magenta in steps of 1/8 or 1/4.

The panels are flat and just 7cm thick, offering soft light that can be focused, thanks to the lenses, while the articulated structure can vary the width of the beam angle.    

The 6Light is composed of six articulated rods and measures 337x302x70mm, while the 4Long has four, longer articulated rods measuring 620x207x70mm.

Accessories include: a quick link swivel-ball head, diffusion filter, removable barn doors, and a yoke that joins several units.

By David Fox

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