September 02, 2010

Alexa makes case for upgradeability

Arri is developing new electronics modules for added functionality on its high-end Alexa digital camera, starting with added lens and camera control.

The first replacement panel will be available early 2011, and will include wireless remote control of camera and lens functions, with improved connectivity, lens motor electronics, a second monitor output and third RS accessory power output.

It will allow control of focus, iris, zoom and camera record/stop functions through Arri's Wireless Remote System without needing additional accessories or interface adapters.

To permit depth of field and other lens data to be displayed, the camera’s standard PL lens mount will be exchanged for a Lens Data System-enabled PL mount as part of the upgrade. Arri is also providing field-interchangeable BNC connectors on the module, avoiding the need to disassemble the camera for connector repairs.

For 3D work, the module will include stereoscopic lens calibration and precise camera synchronization functions. The unit also includes positioning and motion sensors, providing valuable information for visual effects work in post.

The €45,000 Alexa is already at work on numerous productions including: Martin Scorsese's first 3D movie, Hugo Cabret (which is using at least eight Alexas - two per 3D rig), NCIS: Los Angeles, No Ordinary Family, Trauma, Law & Order: Los Angeles and the Disney feature, Prom.

By David Fox

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