May 24, 2011

Decode to launch new 3D Mirror Rigs

London-based 3D specialist Decode will launch two new high-end 3D mirror rigs next week at Cine Gear Expo 2011 in Paramount Studios, Los Angeles (2nd-5th June).

D-Rex will be a large 3D rig for full size cameras such as the Arri Alexa, a fully loaded Red Epic, or other large broadcast cameras. It is the first UK designed and built rig for these cameras.

D-Raptor will be a smaller rig for cameras such as the Sony EX3, Sony PMW-F3 or similar camcorders.

“We’ve developed these rigs over the last 15 months. We wanted to be able to provide a large number of rigs into our fleet - rigs that would be easily convertible between active and passive, and most importantly would not flex, an issue we experienced with all other rigs at the time we started. In addition, I wanted to keep the rental cost down to an affordable level," explained Decode MD, film and TV director, Samuel Martin.

Both rigs will be capable of manual or automatic operation, with "easily implemented integration" with CMotion or Preston for wireless rig control.

They will be fully adjustable in all axes of alignment, boasting an innovative design that means the rig "is always ready to adjust, and yet always locked solid. Alignment won't shift during small changes, making it extremely accurate. The solid, robust build means it's possible to do a full 180ยบ tilt with no noticeable image shift."

The structure built around the mirror box means that all accessories added to one of the rigs should be close to the centre of gravity, for better balance. The mirror will also be easy to remove for cleaning and transportation.

As the cameras face inwards, all buttons should be easily accessible by the operator, while all tilt, roll and height adjustments are accessible from one position, to avoid conflicting with the operator during line-ups.

The rigs will be sold in standard configuration as passive rigs, with the option to include Preston or CMotion wireless interaxial and convergence controls within a matter of seconds.

The prototype rigs have already been used to shoot a feature film: (Street Dance Choreographer: The Journey - for release later in 2011), commercials for Aston Martin, Pantene shampoo and Playboy 3D, and extreme sports coverage for Discovery.

The rigs are expected to be available in June.

By David Fox

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