May 23, 2011

IMS lens-mount adapter for Sony F3

P+S Technik has announced a new lens mount adapter for the Sony PMW-F3 that will allow the camcorder to be used with a wide variety of still photo lenses.

The IMS camera mount, the PS-IMS-F3, will work with "virtually every 35mm lens" including Nikon, Leica and Canon mount lenses.

There will be eight different lens mounts available, which are claimed to be easy to swap. They are: Professional F-mount, Nikon F mount, Canon EF mount, Canon FD mount, Leica R mount, Leica M mount, Panavision mount, and BNCR mount.

The PS-IMS-F3 consists of an intermediate flange and your choice of the eight mounting rings. However, you have to replace the original PL mount with the PS-IMS-F3 intermediate flange. There’s no need for any modification of the F3 or its FZ mount. The F3’s back focus adjustment function should allow easy installation and adjustment without any shimming.

By David Fox

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