May 23, 2011

P+S Technik to launch PS-Cam X35

At the upcoming Cine Gear Expo (June 2-5), P+S Technik will unveil its new 35Digital all-purpose camera, the PS-Cam X35, which it claims will be "a robust and reliable workhorse expected to blaze new trails in the digital camera field," writes David Fox.

P+S has said little about the camera, merely releasing a photograph and putting up a teaser website. However, a preliminary pdf spec sheet that was saved by Google's cache states that the PS-Cam X35 "will combine benefits of sync-sound and higher speed rates into one flexible and robust all-purpose digital camera."

Apparently it will be able to deliver speed rates between 1-450 frames per second, with dual 3G HD-SDI output, although standard speed will be 24-60fps.

It will have an HD (1920x1080) Super35mm-sized CMOS sensor, with 10-bit uncompressed 4:2:2 or optional 4:4:4 RGB recording, and will be able to be used with a wide variety of lenses (using P+S Technik's IMS lens mounts).

It is designed to be flexible, with the ability to adapt to many different mounting options and take a wide range of accessories.

It's impossible to tell whether the PS-Cam X35 will be priced to compete with Sony's PMW-F3, with which it shares some characteristics, or the Arri Alexa (another obvious rival), although its high-speed abilities would indicate the latter (although Red's Epic will also have similar abilities).

P+S Technik will also show the first public screening of footage from the PS-Cam X35 at the Expo, which it says will showcase "the camera’s dynamic versatility".

By David Fox

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