May 16, 2011

Litepanels H2 light goes the distance

Litepanels' new higher-output LED panel can illuminate subjects that are up to about 7.6 metres (25 feet) away.

The lightweight H2 Hi-Output LED lights can provide HD-friendly daylight using an array of 72 single Watt 5600K colour temperature LEDs that are focused to a 10° angle.

A 100W H2 fixture apparently provides light output equivalent to a 1.000W legacy lighting fixture, and as LED lights generate little heat, the need for power-hungry air conditioning is reduced.

The H2 has the same dimming capabilities as other Litepanels fixtures as well as dimming from 100 % to 0 with no noticeable colour change. Dimming is provided via a knob located on the fixture itself, or from a DMX dimmer board. H2 fixtures have an integrated yoke and gimbal system for easy hanging in the grid or positioning on a light stand.

By David Fox

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