May 09, 2011

Vinten unveils 3D Wedge adapter

Vinten has devised a new 3D wedge adapter for its OB and studio heads, which balances rigs that cannot be mounted to a conventional head in a balanced position.

It is designed to facilitate the proper balancing of under/through beamsplitter 3D rigs and allows more clearance for the under-slung camera, which increases the amount of downward tilt available.

The adapter offsets the head’s level position by a few degrees so the balance mechanism produces a back-torque when the camera is level. This enables the centre of gravity of the payload to be forward of the tilt axis.

It is flexible and cost effective, as it integrates seamlessly with Vinten’s full range of heads. For outside broadcast customers that need to have dual-purpose equipment, the adapters allow the option of shooting in 2D and 3D without compromise, removing the need to replace any existing heads.

At NAB it was shown with a Vector 950 system set up with a Stereotec mid-size beam splitter rig. The 950 is Vinten's highest capacity fluid head and can handle the many possible camera system configurations for shooting in S3D. It balances heavy payloads and high centres of gravity with ease, and allows the user to maintain fingertip control over the entire tilt range.

“All of our adapters are designed to help improve the versatility and usability of Vinten’s products and this set up demonstrates how the new wedge adapter can help users to deliver 3D performance without compromising creativity. The wedge adapter is a significant addition to our extensive range of accessories, it is able to perfectly balance the often heavy payloads used in 3D broadcast and proves that Vinten is 3D ready," said Peter Harman, Vinten’s product manager.

New Vector 75 head

The cost effective Vector 75 is suitable for both studio and OB use, can carry a payload of up to 75kg, and should start to ship in June.

Its design is based on the widely used Vector 70, but with greater carrying capacity (5kg more), and stronger, more durable components. It has the same LF drag control that helped make its predecessor an industry standard - an infinitely adjustable lubricated friction system, allowing for fine adjustment of drag levels as well as whip pan at any level of drag.

The Vector 75 also includes Vinten’s infinitely adjustable Perfect Balance, which is easily adjustable, with no time-consuming cam changes, and provides up to ±60° perfectly balanced tilt range. Other features include: illuminated levelling bubble; and a T bar slide plate positioner for controlled fore and aft camera adjustment.

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By David Fox

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