May 09, 2010

Added dimensions for 3D

Two of this year's most interesting trends are 3D and DSLRs. One production company has already combined the two to make 3D time-lapse recordings. Site-Eye Time-Lapse Films has had to develop its own rigs and controller systems to shoot the 3D sequences, but the results are impressive and very compelling.

"Our normal time-lapse camera system is a DSLR controlled by some custom hardware and software, which all fits inside a security housing," explains Brian McClave, one of Site-Eye's owners. "We've done some extra programming to shoot both cameras at once, and automatically check the files between both to ensure everything is kept in sync." If one camera drops a frame, it deletes the corresponding frame from the other one too."

For the rest of my article in the May issue of TVB Europe magazine about Site-Eye and 3D Time-Lapse, have a look at: Added dimensions for 3D

The photo above shows one of Site-Eye's self-built 3D DSLR rigs in use.

By David Fox

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