May 03, 2010

3D: Sony's twin lens reflex

Engadget has a photo of a possible prototype 3D camera from Sony, to compete with Panasonic's new 3D camcorder. The Sony model will be based on its PMW-EX3 camcorder and will offer changeable lenses, with on-board HD recording of 35Mbps XDCAM EX (MPEG-2, 4:2:0 files) to SxS cards. It will also output "uncompressed 4:4:4" via two HD-SDI connections (4:2:2 seems more likely to me, but 4:4:4 would be very nice indeed - and could be recorded on a Codex Digital recorder). It appears to use two sets of the EX3's three half-inch CMOS sensors. The lenses shown on the prototype are apparently very close together (an inter-ocular distance of 1.5inches/3.75cm), which would make this set up good for close up use in confined spaces. The camera was developed with Discovery TV.

There is no word on price or availability, but Sony will want to compete with the Panasonic AG-3DA1, and field testing is due to begin in July.

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