May 09, 2010

HD DSLRs - the film look on a budget

One of the most exciting developments of the past year, for those whose ambition is larger than their budget, has been the introduction of HD DSLR cameras that offer large sensors and a huge range of lenses for less than the price of a Sony EX1.

It was notable that about half of all the cameras on show at the February Broadcast Video Expo in London were HD DSLRs – the previous year there had only been one (on the Canon stand). Low-budget filmmakers were the first to realise the potential, but now programmes you might have heard of are using them.

For the rest of this article, read my full piece on HD DSLRs from the May issue of TVB Europe magazine in: HD DSLRs - the film look on a budget

The photo above is of Rodney Charters, cinematographer on 24, and Sam Nicholson, 24's visual effects supervisor, who are quoted in the article about their use of HD DSLRs on the series.

David Fox

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