May 21, 2010

Flashy Filter Forum founded

The new Filter Forum, which provides space for discussing lens filters, has won backing from Tiffen and the London Filter Company, who will be lending their technical expertise as well as sponsoring the site.

Terry Carey, MD of Tiffen International, sees the Filter Forum as a great opportunity for users "to get unbiased advice from world experts and the thousands of other filter users around the world. As never before, people today can shoot HD at low cost. A knowledge of filters will help make their results predictable and with the look they want."

"Motion pictures are always shot using filters, as is professional video footage and, perhaps to a lesser extent, stills photography," added Carey Duffy, LFC's Technical Director. Thanks to the Canon 5D and other HD DSLRs, many photographers are discovering HD and need to know how to get the most out of it. "In all cases sharing knowledge at this forum will help everyone to understand how filters can help them. This is unique. It’s going to help everyone."

It is a Flash site, so accessing it from a mobile device might be difficult, but the forums themselves are HTML, so should be viewable.

By David Fox

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