May 09, 2010

Winged Mercury accelerates CS5

The latest version of Adobe's Creative Suite should be a lot faster to use, not only thanks to workflow improvements but because its main broadcast applications are now all 64-bit and can access the new Mercury Playback Engine for video.

Mercury is "fast and fluid" and has been written from the ground up to make the most of going 64-bit (which allows access to all the RAM in the computer – rather than a 4GB limit per application). "It is leveraging RAM to its fullest and can run more streams of HD content," explained Jason Levine, worldwide evangelist for digital video products (pictured above). It also gains GPU (graphics processor) acceleration and "can run an infinite number of effects in realtime." Adobe has accelerated all of the most common effects, such as Gaussian Blur.

For the rest of my article about the video related aspects of Adobe's new CS5 from the May issue of TVB Europe magazine, have a look at: Winged Mercury accelerates CS5

By David Fox

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