May 21, 2010

Kata aims to surprise and D-Light

The D-Light Capsules are Kata's latest range of bags for compact camcorders, the first of which is the new Capsule-183. It is designed to carry such camcorders as the Panasonic HPX-170, Canon XH A1s, or Sony EX1R, measures 54x30x25.5cm, and weighs up to 2kg (depending on configuration).

It has a TST RIB running down the middle of the bag and an Aluminium Skeleton stave that arcs across the mid section to provide structural protection, and are surrounded by Honeycomb Panels, Aeriform foam and RipStop fabrics.

The design is asymmetric, so that unfolding its two palm-shaped sides provides easy access to the camcorder. There is ample space for accessories, and the bag includes a Lens Pillow and Rain Cover.

Kata has also extended its range of bags for HD DSLRs, with the new Pro-Light Resource-61 shoulder bag.  It has a Double-Decker design, with a top compartment large enough for a working DSLR mounted on a support system (such as a shoulder brace). There is also a modular Cocoon Pouch for accessories or an additional DSLR body. The lower deck holds additional lenses and accessories. Kata says its going to add further HD DSLR bags in the near future.

By David Fox

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