June 27, 2010

3D: An Introduction – workshop

Want to shoot 3D? A one-day hands-on conference/workshop in Brighton next month could be the ideal place to start.

"There is a skill shortage and lack of understanding of how stereoscopic 3D is made," according to Susan Tunstall, Business Development Manager, BTV Post. So, BTV decided to set up an event allowing producers, directors, DoPs and camera operators to speak to people who are making content. The day will be different from this week's 3D Masters event in London, for which BTV is a silver sponsor, as it will be more about how to go through the production process for people who haven't done 3D before.

3D: An Introduction takes place at Lighthouse, in Brighton, on July 8, and will take in pre-production, budgets, depth storyboarding, "and how getting good 3D is all about the prep and knowing what you are doing before filming." It will look at what is involved with a 3D rig, monitoring, and the post-production workflow.

It will cost £100 (+VAT) per person and there are 60 places, but more than three-quarters have already been booked. Following an overview session, the group will break into three smaller sessions covering: Pre-production, Production, and Post-production, rotating through each during the day, so that everyone has a chance to work with the equipment.

BTV has been working with 3D for two years, initially for digital cinema. "We have been developing a workflow which we are now using for broadcast too," she said. It is currently working on three 3D productions, with six more lined up this year, a mixture of stage or concert performances and documentaries, some of which it is doing production and post for, others just post.

It uses the SGO Mistika high-end finishing system, and has installed a full 3D theatre with Barco projection in its newly opened London facility. It also has an existing facility in Brighton.

By David Fox

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