June 08, 2010

Letus gets its Talons into HD DSLRs

The US-based grip and lens accessories company, Letus has introduced a new range of camera support for HD DSLRs.

The compact Talon DSLR kits include a mix of quick release base plates, L-brackets, 15mm rods (including its patented telescoping support rods), and viewfinders. Prices start at $385 and they should start shipping this month.

The Talon K1, K2, K3, K4, and K5 kits range from an entry-level system with quick release base plate, stainless steel L-bracket, and 90mm stainless steel rod extensions, to systems that include its Hawk viewfinder, the telescoping rods, or a riser that allows you to have a step in the support rods with a 90mm long stainless steel front rod extension (for easily repositioning a follow focus or matte box when changing lenses), 

Also new is the Talon DSLR Camera Cage, which allows users to fix a lot of accessories around a DSLR, such as lights, batteries, monitors, audio recorders and wireless receivers. It has a releasable camera plate along with a removable top bridge. The top bridge can slide on 15mm rods, to make it easy to balance. The bottom of the cage allows battery access on the Canon 5DmkII and Canon 7D.

It looks to be robust and versatile, but at an introductory price of $699, there are simpler, if less comprehensive, systems available from the likes of B Hague for a lot less.

By David Fox

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