June 21, 2010

Mounts, cables + controls for nanoFlash

Hawk-Woods has launched a range of camera accessories for Convergent Design’s popular nanoFlash HD recorder, including DC power cables, BNC cables, mounting options and a remote tally cable.

All the DC cables are reverse wired for nanoFlash use only. Configuration options include 4-Pin Hirose (M) to 4-Pin Hirose (M), 2-Pin D-Tap or 4-Pin XLR. Nano compatible BNC cables are manufactured to HD 3G standard and available in variety of lengths.

To mount the nanoFlash on the camera, Hawk-Woods has two alternatives: the XE-60 nano plate is compatible with the mounting bracket on the Hawk-Woods V-Lok or PMW-EX camera adaptor ranges, while the XE-64 adaptor allows the HD Recorder to be fixed to the Hawk-Woods BP-EX3 adaptor (pictured).

Its XV-04 nanoFlash remote tally cable has already become a best seller, and solves the problem of operating the Recorder while it is situated behind you. The remote cable is compatible with Sony PMW-EX1/EX3 cameras, and has an operating button that slides over the camera's existing recording button. A cable-mounted red LED shows the drive is in use and can be positioned near the camera viewfinder for ease of display.

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By David Fox

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