June 08, 2010

Sharp-cut Ruby wide-angle zoom lens

Focus Optics has developed a new wide zoom lens, the Ruby 14-24mm T2.8, which is claimed to be extremely sharp, especially at the wide end.

The Ruby is being exclusively distributed by Band Pro, and offers full coverage even for the F35 sensor. It weighs 1.36kg and measures 138mm long, with a front diameter of 110mm, and will accept a 102mm screw-in filter. The lens works on all 35mm PL mounted cameras, including the Sony F35, Arri, Red, and Canon D7, and fits the Canon D5 with an adapter.

Focus direction is reversed to go in the traditional cine direction and it offers longer focus travel at 126 degrees, using an anti-backlash design for accurate focus marks.

By David Fox

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