June 27, 2010

Sachtler enhances Cine/DSLR support

Sachtler has announced two new artemis camera stabilisation systems for high-end digital cinematography and HD DSLR users.

The Cine HD Pro will replace both artemis systems, the Cine and Cine HD, in September, with a modular concept based on its EFP HD Special Edition.

The artemis Cine HD Pro will have Dual Video Processing so that HD-SDI and SD video signals can be used simultaneously. It also gains Hot-Swap Technology that will allow battery changes to be made without needing to shut down the camera, monitor and radio channels. Its new, HiCap wiring means it can provide more than 200 Watts for the camera and other equipment. The HiCap wiring keeps the power loss extremely low (due to minimal voltage drop) and, with the Hot-Swap technology, allows for a longer battery operating time. Depending on the type of battery used, operating time can be doubled.

The system also uses a new 4.5cm carbon post with redesigned no-tool clamping and a new twist-proof inner tube with a diameter of 3.75cm. Therefore, monitor brackets and existing accessories based on 3.75cm diameter connections can be used on the new post. To match the post a new gimbal offers high precision, a new handgrip, new yoke, more control and nicer handling. Previous artemis systems can also be upgraded with the ACT2 4.5cm post and the gimbal.

artemis DV

For HD DSLR users, Sachtler has the artemis DV. It costs 500 Euros, weighs 1kg and can also support HDV or other compact camcorders. It is carried with one hand, and the handgrip, monitor mount and counter weights can be individually positioned. The artemis bow uses “dynamic balance” technology for fine counterbalance adjustment. Its camera plate is compatible with Sachtler FSB fluid heads for a fast swap over from the tripod to artemis DV.

By David Fox

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