June 21, 2010

Hague puts HD DSLRs in the frame

B Hague has introduced a new, low-cost camera support system for HD DSLRs. The Hague Digital SLR Camframe costs £64.95.

DSLRs can produce great HD video but are difficult to hold for handheld filming. The Camframe should not only make it easier to hold, but can also provides somewhere to fit accessories, such as an audio recorder.

It has a large camera plate with adjustment forwards and back to get the right balance depending on the lens being used. It can also be repositioned from centre to the left or right to get the camera in the required position. Also on the base of the frame are three mounting points for a monopod or a tripod quick release plate, for going from handheld to tripod mounted with the camera still attached to the frame including any accessories you may have fastened to it.

The Camframe has handgrips on both sides and on top of the frame. On either side of the top handgrip are accessory shoes for an external light or microphone. An additional handscrew is supplied to attach any other accessories to the base of the frame.

Extreme Flymount
Hague Camera Supports is joining forces with Flymount to sell a new mount designed for extreme sports. The new Flymount is a waterproof camera mount for action sports and is strong, compact and lightweight, for use on mountain bikes, windsurfers, quad bikes or hang gliders.

It is made from high grade glass reinforced nylon and stainless steel, to survive salt water or impact (giving you pictures like the one on the right from a Flymount fixed to the top of a windsurf rig). Although designed primarily for waterproof/shockproof cameras, it can be used with any small camera with a 1/4-inch thread.

iPhone Mounts
The improved video performance on offer from Apple's latest iPhone 4 makes it even more likely to be used for low-budget production.

The Hague MMC Mini Motion-Cam stabilizer is claimed to be "the most popular small stabilizer on the market" and Hague has now added a new mount to make it iPhone compatible. It has also released a standard i-Mount for mounting an iPhone onto any standard camera mount, such as a tripod, dolly or monopod.

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By David Fox

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