June 21, 2010

3D remote control + other accessories

Chrosziel has developed a new eight-motor remote control for 3D Rigs. The Aladin Mark II uses new hardware and software, with a new user interface, but retains compatibility with existing Aladin models.

It has a spectrum analyser that indicates field intensity of the selected channel and reveals possible interfering signals in the complete transmission range. It is an open system with a USB interface, it is possible that, once adjusted, distance and/or angles between the cameras on a 3D rig will be tracked automatically when the focus is changed. Delivery is expected in the Autumn, and the price for a basic four-motor unit will be similar the existing three-motor unit, while the eight-motor version will only be slightly more.

Also new is its MatteBox 456 Academy Double with two rotating filter stages for PL lenses with up to 12mm focal length. It uses a new impact-resisting carbon design and will cost 1,430 Euros. The MB 456 Academy Triple with three rotating filters is also moving to the carbon design.

Chrosziel has developed a LightWeight Support (401-424) for Sony's HXR-NX5 camcorder. Most new cameras just need a simple height adaptation, but the NX5 required the baseplate to be changed due to the extremely lateral position of the tripod mount, resulting in a new base plate, distance bolt and camera platform. A conversion kit (the 401-424P) costs 126 Euros, the complete LightWeight Support is 293 Euros.

By David Fox

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