September 02, 2010

Hand-held 3D gets a dose of 3ality

3ality Digital Systems is launching a new, lightweight beam-splitter mirror rig for 3D at IBC that is ideal for Steadicam use.

The TS-5 is claimed to be the first fully automated, remotely aligned, lightweight beam-splitter on the market, and is aimed at lightweight and wireless camera operations and tight spaces.

It weighs 10kg, but has the same capabilities as 3ality Digital’s full-sized rigs, including: precision motor-driven adjustment of inter-axial distance and convergence for fast, accurate set-ups; camera alignments that remain in precise alignment; and matched zooms.

It builds on the technology used in the existing TS-2 beam-splitter production rig and TS-4 side-by-side rig.

The 3D rigs are used in conjunction with 3ality's proprietary stereo image processors: the SIP-2100 (which controls a single camera); and the SIP-2900 (which can control up to eight cameras from the same base electronics). Both models allow users to align tracking and sync lenses, to monitor and optimise the 3D, and to match pairs of cameras for seamless colour tracking.

“This is undoubtedly the year of stereoscopic 3D, and 3ality Digital is totally focussed on providing superb enabling technologies for it,” said Steve Schklair, 3ality's CEO.  “Whether on set in a movie, giving a camera operator the freedom to go anywhere with wireless cameras, or embracing the viewer with 3D content, we are there, removing the mysteries of stereoscopic shooting and releasing creativity.”

Schklair is giving a keynote session on 3D Day at IBC, which will feature a demonstration of shooting techniques using the various rigs and SIPs, including two wireless cameras mounted on a TS-5.

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By David Fox

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