September 02, 2010

Lowel SoftCore light turns heads

Lowel is showing two new lights at IBC next week: the versatile, multi-headed SoftCore and the easily portable Trio three-lamp fluorescent fixture.

The SoftCore is essentially an accessory for video softboxes that folds out to attach to a stand or boom. Users have a choice of three quick-change lampheads that hold one, three or five Edison-base screw-threaded fluorescent lamps in individually switched sockets to provide variable light output. It has a unique four-arm system that expands to quickly hook onto softboxes, and a simple rotation lock for positioning.

Used with Lowel's new 80-Watt fluorescent lamps, it delivers soft, constant daylight with a high colour rendering index of 90+, for accurate colour representation For use with larger lampheads and softboxes, it accepts a counterweight arm system for balance on larger stands.

The Lowel Trio uses three high CRI daylight or tungsten 55W lamps, and folds to a slim, easy-to carry package. The three lamps are individually switched to control the light output. Its mounting system keeps the light balanced over the stand while allowing a full range of tilting positions.

By David Fox

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