September 27, 2010

Cartoni swings nodal head towards 3D

The "first specifically designed nodal pan and tilt professional support for 3D rigs" was launched by Cartoni at IBC.

The Lambda Twin 3D Head takes its versatile Lambda Nodal Head concept and applies it to 3D Rigs for stereoscopic parallel and beam splitter shooting styles. It can take full-sized HD cameras like the Alexa, Genesis, Red One, Epic, or F35.

It is essentially a double Lambda face-to-face, connected in the middle, featuring a U-shaped swinging platform suitable for under-slung shots supporting 3D Rigs up to 90kg, where it can allow 3D Rigs to be positioned all the way to the ground. Its design allows the optical plane to coincide with the rotation centre and the centre of gravity and it can both pan and tilt through a full 360°.
It has also introduced the new Airfloater (right), which can facilitate moving heavy cameras (up to 150Kg) to give realistic point-of-view style shots without putting the strain on a cameraman's back. It can simulate an active shoulder shot from a tripod or camera mount, and offers considerable freedom of movement as it can pan 360° and tilt 18° in any direction.

It has a variety of base attachments: Chapman/Whitworth bolt; four bore Vinten holes; 300mm Mitchell with castle nut; and has a quick-release base plate. It weighs 15kg and is nearly the same dimensions as a conventional fluid head (at 25cm high and 34cm wide).

By David Fox

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