September 13, 2010

Panasonic's HD DSLR killer

Given the interest being shown in the AG-AF100 / AF101 - here is a copy of a piece I wrote for the IBC Daily - we'll add more, including a lengthy video, once we're home (and recovered):

One of the most eagerly anticipated introductions of IBC was Panasonic's new AG-AF101, which puts a DSLR-sized sensor in a professional camcorder, to offer shallow depth of field without the picture problems that stills cameras have in video mode.

It has shown the first pictures shot using the camera, including material shot by the producer/author, Barry Green, of, who tested it on the sorts of repeating patterns (like brick walls and roof tiles) that cause DSLRs to exhibit aliasing and moiré patterns. On the AF101, these weren't evident, even on a big screen.

"It is made for video, and it gives this shallow depth of field that people are looking for, for artistic film making," said Jerome Berrard, director AV Systems, Panasonic Europe (pictured).

The camera will have all the video functions camcorder users expect, such as peaking, variable frame rates and HD-SDI output, with the added advantage of being able to take almost any 35mm lens (including those for Canon and Nikon cameras via adapters). It will cost €4,900 when it starts shipping in late December.

Panasonic is showing 15 new products at IBC, including its 3D camcorder, the AG-3DA1, which already has more than 800 pre-orders worldwide, with more than 150 in Europe. Projects the cameras will be used for include coverage of Milan fashion shows and the production of 3D Blue-ray tours of cities like Venice.

Have a look at the video we did at IBC about the AF100/AF101 - Panasonic AF100 / AF101 - the movie

By David Fox

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