September 02, 2010

Redrock rolls out nano DSLR rigs

Redrock Micro's new nano range of video DSLR rigs and accessories are, by the standards of such rigs, fairly affordable.

Prices for the seven rigs range from $107.50 for the simple nano Grippit (little more than a grip handle) to $608 for the nano Stealth V (a shoulder/chest mount - pictured right).

The nano line is designed for low-cost entry level, photojournalism or documentary use, and discreet shooting applications, and nano rigs can be easily upgraded to more advanced rigs as needed.

The Grippit rig is a "sturdy rubberized grip combined with the nano DSLR baseplate" to allow users keep their hands off the camera itself, to reduce shake. The runningMan rig ($467) is a compact shoulder mount made up of the microBrace body pad, microHandGrip, and optional microFinder loupe accessory, which together deliver three points of contact for more stable shots.

The LowDown ($244) and LowDown Deluxe ($491.50) both allow low angle shooting – the Deluxe also comes with grips for normal height use, while the LowDown includes an articulating arm useful for attaching a small monitor.

The Stealth ($387.50) and Stealth Grip ($432.50) are simpler versions of the Stealth V for shoulder-mount use.

There are also five accessories in the range: the Nano baseplate; Nano focus+zoom lever; microHandle Plus (with integrated shoe mount); 2-inch 15mm carbon fibre rails; and 2-inch handlebar rod.

“We developed the nano rigs from extensive input from professional and aspiring still/motion photographers,” said James Hurd, Redrock's Chief Revolutionary. “Customers said they wanted additional options that were smaller, more lightweight, and offered an affordable entry point, all while maintaining Redrock professional quality and interoperability.”

By David Fox

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