September 09, 2010

IBC Free Training (updated)

We started our free training at IBC when the exhibition opened on Friday afternoon, and had lots of people come along (we tried to cater for everyone, even on the small workshops - although there weren't seats for everyone - but there was plenty of room in the seminars).

If you want to find out about all the sessions available you'll find a full list at the IBC site.

We are in the Production Village in Hall 11 - beside IBC TV News and the Panasonic stand. There's also free post-production training in Hall 7.

All my DSLR workshops are booked out - so, if you wanted a place the next best thing is my talk on Getting the Best From Your Camera.  I'll be running that one again on Sunday and Tuesday - as these are seminars, there is a lot more space. The Production On A Budget session (Saturday, Monday and Tuesday) will be of use to anyone considering buying a camera (especially if you are wondering whether to get a DSLR or conventional camcorder)

I'm looking forward to going along to some of the other sessions. Alan Roberts' talks are always interesting. He's doing one calleHow It Works: Things We Forgot We KnewHopefully he'll remind me of stuff I do know - but knowing Alan we'll all learn a lot of new stuff we didn't know - but now do. Must remember to take note so I don't forget it all again ;-)

There'll also be a chance to get hands-on with some 3D kit. Just in case 3D isn't a fad - maybe I should get along to that one too - except that being workshops, they're also fully booked, luckily there are a couple of 3D seminars too.

Just beside our training area we have the camera shoot out area, where you'll be able to test and compare a lot of cameras side by side (on the same monitors in the same shooting conditions). This was the list as of 20 August.

By Christina Fox

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