October 25, 2010

Cam Caddie carries compact cameras

Schneider Optics has become the exclusive worldwide distributor for the new Cam Caddie stabilizing handle and accessory holder.

It is designed to work with virtually any lightweight HD DSLR camera or camcorder, to provide a comfortable, solid camera platform that dampens movement while shooting.

Optional add ons include an Accessory Shoe for lights, flash units, microphones and monitors. The Accessory Wing and Tripod Adapter works with the Accessory Shoe to mount multiple accessories. There’s also a 1/4-20 Flash Shoe Adapter to attach multiple accessories to any flash shoe, hot or cold mount

The Cam Caddie Scorpion costs from $59.95. A kit including the Cam Caddie and three accessories costs $109.95.

By David Fox

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