October 26, 2010

OConnor gets a grip on Mattebox

The new OConnor O-Box WM is a two-stage wide-angle mattebox designed for use with 16:9 format full-size sensors.

It is OConnor's first mattebox and is very compact while accommodating lenses up to 18mm (and in some cases wider). It accepts up to three filters: two in top-loading filter frames (two 4x4-inch and two 4x5.65-inch frames are included). The rear frame is rotatable 360º. A third 138mm round filter fits in the bellows.

The O-Box WM is the first commercially produced mattebox to have integrated handgrip interfaces. Traditionally operators have used the sunshade as a handle, but this can easily damage it. The O-Grips can be used in single-jointed or double-jointed (two together) configurations, making it easy to set up a grip system that suits you – even to create a top carry handle. They can be attached directly to the O-Box support cage in three locations: camera left, right or bottom centre. The latter position is particularly useful for small setups such as with HD DSLR cameras, becoming a pistol-style grip for the operator’s right hand while the follow focus hand wheel is in their left.

The O-Box WM can be clamped directly onto lenses with outer diameters of 150mm or less, and can also be supported by the removable 15mm LWS rod bracket. Studio 15mm and 19mm mounting options are possible via adapters.

Constructed using OConnor’s proprietary rugged composite material, the sunshade is lightweight but claimed to be substantially stronger and more impact-resistant than existing units. This translates to fewer sunshade replacements arising from the rigors of professional production environments.

The kit includes: the WM Mattebox including the Wide Mini Sunshade with two stages; front fixed/rear rotatable 360º, filter frames, top flag and mounting bracket. Options include: Side flags, retaining brackets, a bottom bracket and flags, and universal mask set that clips into place within the sunshade. Bellows step-down rings to 80mm are also available.

By David Fox

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