October 26, 2010

Low-profile TeleGlide for small spaces

Telemetrics' TG3 TeleGlide Camera Track System uses a new low profile trolley and track for robotic camera systems to minimize space requirements.

The TG3 is designed with a fixed platform trolley for increased stability and is complemented by a track frame of easily assembled lightweight aluminium components and steel rods for bearing contact. The fully servo-controlled system permits location feedback for accurate pre-set positioning and repeatable motion control while soft electronic end stops help ensure professional operator-like moves.

For added operational flexibility, the straight-track system can be floor or ceiling mounted with custom lengths and cable management systems. The TG3 works with all of Telemetrics' pan/tilt heads, extendable camera mounts, telescoping camera mounts and control systems. It can support up to 109kg with a maximum speed of 30cm per second.

“Robotic camera systems are a sound investment in today’s economic environment because of their cost effectiveness and increased production flexibility,” said Anthony Cuomo, Telemetrics' VP and General Manager. He believes that the TG3 will be particularly attractive for facilities that want to supplement their existing production systems or expand capabilities into new venues.

Four of the new systems have already been implemented in studios across Canada. “The TG3 is a great addition to our TeleGlide Camera Track system product line. Its performance has been proven in these tier one national news virtual set studios," he said.

By David Fox

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