October 05, 2010

Phantom power + wireless Tally

Brick House Video's new TallyHo! is a wireless on-air indicator that offers camera users reliable remote on-air indication in the field. Its base station has a direct interface to the local vision mixer and a set of camera hot shoe-mounted receiver modules, which give the operator and presenter a visible indication of on-air status.

TallyHo! can be adapted to work with almost any vision mixer, although it has been initially matched to Brick House Video’s Callisto vision mixers and the Sony Anycast system. 

“TallyHo! provides a reasonably-priced alternative to more complex and expensive systems,” explained Brick House MD, Julian Hiorns. “It stands alone in its ability to furnish wireless feedback to cameras; essential information that every operator in the field needs, but couldn’t access economically prior to TallyHo!”

Also new is Video Ghost, a phantom power module for use with both analogue and digital video feeds. It provides a nominal 12-volt auxiliary power for camera accessories using the existing video cable. Under certain conditions it can work up to 200m. For example, the system can be used to power a composite to SDI converter at the camera, thus avoiding the significant signal degradation suffered by composite video over such a length.

“Video Ghost is the video equivalent of phantom power for audio systems,” said Hiorns.  “We developed it to provide a set of affordable phantom power modules for use with both analogue and digital video feeds."

By David Fox

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