October 27, 2010

Steadicam Pilot and Scout workshop

Steadicam is running a Pilot and Scout workshop at Prokit in West London on Thursday 4th November.

It will give an introduction to the correct way to use a Steadicam, showing how to set up the systems to the best effect and safely. It will cover all the basics, including: balancing the units, operating techniques, using the telescopic post and low mode.

The award-winning Steadicam system, invented by Garrett Brown, is the classic way to achieve smooth motion without the need for a dolly or crane.

The Steadicam Pilot is designed for cameras weighing up to 4.5kg, while the Scout carries up to 8kg and is Steadicam's latest stabilisation rig (costing $6,995). It features: a newly designed sled that works with 12-volt cameras; a robust carbon fibre extendable post; a proprietary friction-free gimbal assembly; a comfortable, ergonomic vest; and a new 7-inch LCD monitor usable in bright sunlight.

The instructor will be James Elias (pictured above demonstrating the Scout at IBC) from Tiffen International who has many years of experience with the Steadicam systems.

It will start at 10am, and finish by about 4pm. Phone 020 8995 4664 or book online.

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