October 05, 2010

Grass Valley cameras get connected

Grass Valley is opening up its cameras to external control, simplifying such functions as automating set-up changes and reporting diagnostics.

"The LDK Connect Gateway allows new network-based integration between cameras and switchers," explained Ray Baldock, Grass Valley's CTO (pictured). "It would allow a single control panel to be used with many cameras," which "can be accessed using simple XML scripts."

It works with any existing LDK camera that uses the C2IP control system – which Grass Valley has been using for several years to provide full camera control over Ethernet

The LDK Connect Gateway is powered by GV's new Fusion technology (allowing users to connect their Grass Valley products together, for tighter integration), which provides a portal to external Ethernet networks and the internet. To maintain security of the camera control system, the Gateway is an independent platform that can simultaneously access the C2IP camera control network and a public network.

Because it is XML based, systems integrators or broadcasters can write user-specific camera control applications. Routine interaction is through a remotely accessible GUI, which will make multiple camera set-ups faster and easier. The result is that other Grass Valley products and third-party systems will have secure access to camera control, which it claims will give users more efficient studio automation, increased productivity, and boost return on investment.

It will be available soon for $18,200/€14,000.

By David Fox

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