February 10, 2011

Electric dolly for fume-free filming

The new Flyka Electric Dolly is the first product from a new company, and was developed by photographer and cameraman Tony Holker, who broke his leg in 2008 and used a disabled buggy for filming.

"The smooth ride from a disabled buggy was a great platform to film from. I researched and researched to see what else was out there, but there seemed to be nothing, so I set about developing a prototype. Five prototypes later, I now have number 4 and 5 developed into working, conceptual vehicles for filming and the reaction from the industry has been superb," explained Holker.

The Flyka should save many hours by making it simpler to set up shots, while no time will be wasted laying track. Users will also be able to record sound during filming, despite using a motorised Dolly. Hire costs are £500 per day (£200 for the first day new clients) or £1800 per week, and future models are now being developed, including lighter vehicles, jib cranes, all terrain capabilities, and remote control.

Other benefits include: being able to do forward or backwards tracking shots without track coming into shot; doing long shots without having to grips getting tired pushing a dolly back and forth; no down time needed while a Steadicam operator recovers; the ability to create very slow moving Steadicam shots without footstep jerks; variable speed and constant speed from 0 to 8mph; easier use of handheld shots for long distance; and step-off capabilities with a Steadicam. 

It is being launched at BVE 2011, next week (15-17 February) in London.

By David Fox

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